©yuta ishikawa
©yuta ishikawa

Yuta ISHIKAWA was born in 1983, Tokyo. In 2006, he graduated the University of Obirin, in Japan (majoring in « performing arts »). Parallel to his studying, he made his debut of actor, by participating with several pieces, particulary those of Oriza Hirata, a japanese stage director.

He started his career of dancer in 2005, by creating his own company e.g.MILK. His style is called silent dramatic art, which is distinguished from pantomime, dance or theater. The particularity of the world of e.g.MILK comes from its disposition of the objects which excite the material imagination, and from the imaginary conversation among the interpreters.

In 2006/2007, he joined the Noisme, the only public compagny of dance in Japan, directed by a choreographer Jo Kanamori. In 2008, he worked with a choreographer Chie Ito, who leads the company Strange Kinoko. In 2009/2010, he had a professional formation of contemporary dance ‘Extensions’ at the CDC Toulouse. From 2011, he obtains a support by European Departs Network.

Among his works, Dust Park, created in 2010, was highly appreciated in Japan, in South Korea, and in Spain. After the succes of Dust Park, he decided to live in France. Every year, he has the opportunity to take the residency at CDC Toulouse. In addition, he takes also the residencies at Brussels (P.A.R.T.S) and at Frankfurt (Frankfurt.Lab).

As a dancer, he worked with Samuel Mathieu Generic-X’(2009/2010), Christian Rizzo ‘Opéra-erwartung’(2010),  Rita Cioffi Nous autres?’(2011), Fabrice Ramalingom ‘My Pogo ’(2012)and Raimund Hoghe in his work‘Cantatas’(2013).