Time Difference (2009)

I fund intersting sensation of position zero. There is not nothing but also not just existence. we care of inside body to take away between contact and contact. not too much an effect. that movement will be very intersting for us.

after all, zero is not the kind of things that we should be doing before or after? I imgine of zero that kind of  childhood,no limit,no protection, no law.

then what will be find our body with imagenation. 


glow up dance project vol.1 


24th April - 26th April 2009 


Choreographer  Yuta ISHIKAWA

Performar      Aki TSUJITA   

               Kouhei TAKAHASHI

               Noriyasu HASHIMOTO

               Yukina SAKAI

               Yuta ISHIKAWA

Light design   Masayoshi TAKADA       

Video          Akihito MOTOYA