Opaqueness (2008)

「It's like a clear but some time will be opaqueness,also we can thinking indistinct words.」


this work imagenation from this my words game. this image means color is not important things.would be thinking more about infiltration. what is infiltration between human body and relationship. when I was young I always thinking about beauty and color on stage.but my choreographey chaged from before when I fund this sensation of depth.


I said another things each dancer in creation. then dancer will be find another way. it was chaos.but I collage of strange image from them. and we made the words direction for make a piece.

It like a message game of human body.


20th Februray - 25th Februray 2008

At Atelier Shunpusha (Tokyo) JAPAN



Choreographer  Yuta ISHIKAWA

Performar      Momoko SHIRAGA(MOMONGAcomplex)   

               Hiromi SUGISAKI

               Kouhei TAKAHASHI

               Mao NAKAMURA(SEINENDAN)

               Noriyasu HASHIMOTO

               Yuta ISHIKAWA

Light design   Hiroyuki ITO       

Stage design   Kenji HAMAZAKI

Music effect   Yuta SENDA

Photo          Shuhei FUCHINO 

Video          Akihito MOTOYA