Hitosaji (2005)

this work maded by dancers and actors.we thougt that is not important contorol body and words. we keep unstable into our space. don't use real words in work,just to used onomatopoeia with movement then become strange reraltion entre performars.another face,for audience we puted some trick to feel tension.also that helped grand space with our and audience.


20th - 24th May 2005

at PRUNUSU HALL (Kanagawa) Japan


Choreographer  Yuta ISHIKAWA

Performar          Daisuke INOUE   

                         Aki TSUJITA

                         Takayuki TOMIYAMA

                         Takahito NAKAMURA中村崇人

                         Yuka HONDA

                         Ayumi MIYATA

                         Yuta ISHIKAWA


Light design      Hiroyuki ITO       

Stage design     Kenji HAMAZAKI

Music effect      Kumiko YABU

Costumes          Reika OZAWA

Assistant           Keiko WATANABE