Dust Park (2010)

Dust is something that does not attract our attention when it is on the street, but becomes recognizable indoors with filters like moisture or light, or just by gathering. This work started when I noticed that this being, which varies according to the ‘place’ and the ‘time’ could symbolize our mind and warped attitude of a man of today.

The subject that I have been pursuing recently is the ‘time’ and the ‘human relationship’. An act of creation becomes necessarily a passed act, at the moment when we achieve it. How can we actualize the time? Time passes cruelly, and our body is inevitably in the aging process. ‘Dust Park’ attaches a lot of importance to the expression of body. Made by struggling with this passage of time. Also, the human relationship plays an important role for this making an expression. By all of these attempts, this work gives a sense of incongruity and an eagerness for what is not realized yet.


Choreographer   Yuta ISHIKAWA


Performar        Azusa TAKEUCHI   

                   Yuta ISHIKAWA

                   Ayako SHIMIZU(JAPAN CAST)

                   Yuko YAMADA(SPAIN CAST)


Light design      Masayoshi TAKADA       

Music effect        Kouji OZONO

Stage adviser      Itaru SUGIYAMA

Photo                 Yohta KATAOKA

Video editing      Akihito MOTOYA


19 July 2010 -Toyota choreography award 2010 finalist-

At: Setagaya public theater (Tokyo JAPAN)


August 2010 -Korea international modern dance festival- solo ver.

At: KIMD (Seoul KOREA)


18-29 October -Masdanza danza festival 16- 

At: Masdanza festival (Canary islands SPAIN)