26.5 (2011)

It is said that "Distance is vital. Don't allow yourself to mingle too much with other selves.

you are you, I am me."


Their behavior would seem strange from an ordinary perspective. But in each motion, in each body, is  the chance to

observe the birth of something now.


Between two people exist certain symbols and it is these symbols, if we know how to read them, that link us together.



When we gaze it, We will detect our unknown side.



Stage Director,Choreographer and dancer   Azusa Takeuchi

                                                          Yuta Ishikawa


Assistant                                              Antoine Hosten

                                                          Ayako Usui

Duration:                                              30 min

Suport partner                                      CDC-Toulouse/P.A.R.T.S/Yokohama red brick house




5 Febrary 2011- Yokohama dance collection EX 2011 show case -

At : Yokohama red brick house (Yokohama JAPAN)


29-30th November 2011 - Festival Bertin poirée 2011 -

At: Espace bertin poirée (Paris FRANCE)


4th Febrary 2012 -Dance impact vol.2-

At : Kichijouji theater (Tokyo JAPAN)


28th April 2012- Projet de @ tension -

At : CDC Toulouse (Toulouse FRANCE)